"...it's the best CD out there! I have purchased every CD available, and yours was the only one my canary responded to. He...is singing his little heart out now!"

"I really enjoyed The Canary Angel. It was full of emotion and feeling, esp. for an animal lover like myself. Happy endings are always wonderful."

"Thanks so much for all the great information."

"I am so impressed with your site. I've learned a LOT from it... Thanks for all the great info!"

"...you gave me the most comprehensive answers I've received to any of my questions. You're the best."

    Robirda's latest book, Canary CrazyNEW! We are pleased to announce Robirda's latest book, Canary Crazy; How To Keep, Breed, & Care For Canaries. This huge 370 page 6" x 9" perfect-bound book is the result of years worth of practical canary experience, offering more than 60 chapters covering a wide variety of canary issues. Canary Crazy is now available direct from the author or from Amazon.com, and will soon be available to libraries and bookstores. You can see a list of the chapters along with a thorough description here.

    Welcome to your source for canary resources! We offer a variety of useful products for pet bird owners, and there's plenty of free info on canaries and canary-keeping, too. Learn about handtaming your canary, find out about basic canary care, or learn how to breed canaries. Browse through our list of Frequently Asked Questions, see canary babies being raised in the Canary Cam Archives, or just admire our great bird photos.

New lower price!Canary Songs on CD    Keep your canaries singing with our popular Canary Song CD. You can even use it to attract wild birds to your back yard, or to entertain your parrots! All kinds of birds respond well to these top-quality recordings of beautiful canary songs, still available for a great low price. Over 3000 happy customers - and their birds! - agree, it's the best Canary Song CD on the market today.

     Got a bird question? Check our new Frequently Asked Questions page, or check our list of Basic Care articles or our list of articles on breeding canaries. Or if you'd rather just Robirda with two tame pet birdssearch our site for the answers you need. Robirda's information has helped thousands of people to understand puzzling canary behaviour and learn about canary housing, feeding, handling, and maintenance questions, why not you, too?

    If this website proves useful to you, please help us to keep it alive.

"Everyone always asks me why my birds are such beautiful singers and breed such magnificent babies...I tell them that I learned from Robirda! While they give their birds all kinds of 'magical' formulas, I just follow your guide to keep it simple. My birds are now very healthy, and there has been no recurrence of the infection. Thank Goodness!"


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