Intensive Lipochrome Red

      This is the color of canary most people are thinking of when they use the term Red Factor Canary. This is not really right - this colour of red is only one of the colours in which the birds inherit the red factor gene from their parents. There are many others, and they all display the genetic ability that allows their body to gather red colour from their foods and deposit it in the feathers when moulting. This has resulted in many different canary colours with red in their feathers, in a wide variety of shades, all of which have the red factor gene.

      The correct name for this colour is Intensive Lipochrome Red - Lipochrome being the term used when a canary shows no melanin markings. You will also hear this colour more casually being called clear hard-feathered red - 'clear' denoting the fact that the bird shows no melanins, 'hard-feathered' meaning 'intensive' in this case, and red - well, at least that term stands on its own!

Intensive Lipochrome Red

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