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Lamb's Quarters, or Wild Amaranth

      Lamb's Quarters has beautiful, almost silvery-blue foliage that looks as if it has been lightly dusted, but is often dismissed as a mere weed. Yet it is an important source of food and cover to many kinds of insects and birds. Both the foliage and seeds are palatable to humans, while the seeds are an important food source for many of the smaller species of songbirds.

      The mild-tasting young leaves and stems can be added to salads, or lightly steamed. Similar to its relative Amaranth, the seeds are very high in protein. Some tribes of Amerindians ground the seeds into flour, while others added them to trail food mixes.

      This photo shows a plant just starting to flower; the tiny flowers resemble seeds more than flowers. Canaries enjoy eating the leaves and stems of this plant at all stages of growth, and particularly enjoy it during any stage of flowering, whether eating the tiny flowers or picking out the even tinier seeds.

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A lambsquarters plant beginning to flower

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