"The CD came Monday! Yea! Thank you so much. It's awesome.:) Happy is thrilled with it. I guess it's the next best thing to having another live canary for him to compete with.:)" K. Lytle, OK

"I wanted to thank you for the 'New Songs' cd... I really enjoy this cd and play it a lot. My Canaries really love it!! Thanks again for the cd,and of course the prompt and great service! I have learned a lot from the dvd I bought from you." R.M., FL

"Thank you very much, cd received last week, my canary loves it and is singing along wonderfully. We were beginning to think we had a female, but definitely not, after listening to the cd twice he was singing along like a pro. He does not shut up now, sings all day long... a very happy bird!!!!" K.Muntz, AU

"I have enjoyed your video. So many little tidbits you give. It's very interesting. I've played it several times, and enjoy it more, and pick up a new piece of info each time. I am playing 'New Songs from the Bird Room' as I write. Not only do my birds like it, but I love listening to it." Anne B., MA, USA

"Thank you for creating such a beautiful CD. I just purchased 'New Songs From the Birdroom' for my cockatiel to listen to whenever I have to leave him alone for any period of time. The CD is absolutely fantastic, thanks again!" F Dyer, NY

"Everyone always asks me why my birds are such beautiful singers and breed such magnificent babies... I tell them that I learned from Robirda! While they give their birds all kinds of 'magical' formulas, I just follow your guide to 'keep it simple.'"R Curry, FL

"Hi there! Your site looks GREAT! Love the easy maneuverability, lots of good photos..." P. R. McSorley


Robirda's CD of Singing Canaries,

New Songs From The Birdroom

New Songs From the Birdroom

    It really is rather amazing how many different uses a CD of singing canaries can have! Hearing canary song brings wild songbirds to investigate your yard, and makes them feel welcome to stay. Just add a bath and feeder and you can go birdwatching from the comfort of your window!

    Pet parrots of all kinds love to listen to canaries sing, too; apparently this sound, so reminiscent of the background noises in a tropical rainforest, makes them feel right at home.

    And of course, the main trick to getting a healthy but quiet canary to sing, is to make him want to sing, and this CD does the job superbly. The reason is simple; a canary sings to proclaim his ownership of territory. Hearing the songs of other canaries will challenge him to proclaim his own status through his song.

    NOTE; If a canary does not respond, then 'he' may be a 'she'. Or, he may be sick, if so he should be seen by an avian vet.

    You will find other Canary Song CDs or tapes on the market that claim to be needed to 'train' a canary to sing. This is completely untrue! All canaries naturally know how to sing the song they inherited genetically from their parents. While some canaries can learn new songs, doing so will not change the original, natural songs they were born knowing.

    These clear, high-quality recordings of several canaries in full song are perfect for all these uses, and are also very nice for those who simply wish to listen to the cheerful voices of singing canaries without keeping them. Over 3000 happy customers - and their birds! - agree, it's the best Canary Song CD on the market today.

Approved by Robirda's Birds    Producer David Inkman recorded Robirda's canaries in true stereo, then painstakingly edited the resulting files to remove as much extraneous sound as possible. (Robirda's canaries are very active while they sing.) You will occasionally hear the whirr of little wings fanning the microphone, or the sounds of the birds hopping on their perches or splashing in their tubs; most of these sounds were removed, but some could not be taken out without altering the songs and so were left in. They are very minor, and do not detract from the overall quality of song.

    The final CD consists of 12 16-bit true-stereo tracks, each averaging almost 5 minutes long, for a total length of 58 minutes and 48 seconds of canary songs. Click here to listen to a 10 second sample, in mp3 format. This file is 118 KB in size, and should download in approximately 5 seconds, using a 28.8 modem. Please note that the sound quality of this sample has been reduced to save download time; the quality of sound on the CD's is much better than this sample.

New Lower Price!  Now you can get New Songs From The Birdroom for only $12.99 US, plus $4.99 shipping and handling, to anywhere in the world. Just click on the 'Add To Cart' button to order your copy now!

If You'd Rather Not Buy Online...

    You can order a copy of our CD through the mail. Send a check or international money order for US $17.98 to
Robirda Online
9-2065 Boucherie,
Westbank, B.C.,
Canada       V4T-2A7

"Got the CD today! Sounds great! I'll be sure to continue recommending it to people who want a great CD to get their canaries in the 'singing mood'!"  D. P., Bloomingdale, IL

"Your CD is playing right now and my bird room is going crazy - in a good way. We have cockatiels, parrotlet, budgies and 2 canaries, and we want to assist the canaries with their song, which is why I purchased your CD. Years ago I had a CD for canaries but it had muzak in the background and was awfully annoying to listen to. With yours we can play it in the yard, in the house... wherever all day long and not get sick of it." A Stephenson, Agassiz, BC

"Just wanted to let you know we acquired a beautiful new canary last week... We...were assured that we could contact her (the breeder) ay any time with any questions or concerns. We picked the prettiest canary and happily brought him home. He started singing within two days of his arrival! His song is very different, but just gorgeous! I am so happy to have a little singer again, his song just fills up the house! I cannot thank you enough for your kind and considerate responses to all of our questions. Your website has really been a wonderful find for us! And we absolutely love your canary CD! Thank you for your love of birds and your commitment for helping those of us who are learning to share our lives with our feathered friends!"  

"I recieved your Canary CD last week and just love it!! I listen to it at night to relax. My canary seems fascinated... Thank you!" L. Bettis, MI

"Even after I made all sorts of changes, my canary still hardly sang. But after I ordered your CD, he sings and sings - I guess he just needed someone to show him how he was supposed to be spending his time! Thanks for such a nice CD!"

"Just a quick message to thank you for your prompt delivery of my CD. Your CD has done wonders for my canary,he hasn't sang for months and now he tries to out sing the CD, very fulfilling for me to watch! thank you for a great product and congratulations on a fantastic website!" C Patsalas, Australia

"Received the 'New Songs from the Birdroom' CD a few days ago... Professionally done, great sound quality! I enjoy listening to this CD very much but most important, I have happier canaries. They looooove listening to the other birds! So happy I bought it, thank you." K Tulk, FL

"My 'baby' Jingles and I are both thrilled with your CD! It arrived within days of my purchase and it's the best CD out there! I have purchased every CD available, and yours was the only one my canary responded to. He was in subsong before, but is singing his little heart out now ! The CD has attracted the wild birds outside his little garden sanctuary, so my canary has lots of vocal competition now, which makes him sing even more."  G. August, Canada

"Received the CD! Man can they sing! Hope our American Singer will sound half as good! Thank you."D & E Poole SD


The Web

"Thank you so very much for your very helpful email and your kindness and thoughtfulness. Your advice is invaluable but your thoroughness in explaining, informing, teaching, and talk about caring! are beyond compare."

"I really enjoyed The Canary Angel. It was full of emotion and feeling, esp. for an animal lover like myself. Happy endings are always wonderful."

"Thanks for all the info. I'm new at this and have learned so much. I'm sending you the money I spent to buy a book that is not half as useful as your site. "

"I received the CD today... I put it on the player and our canary Mustard Seed began chirping and singing within a couple minutes. It is a beautiful recording, thanks so much!"

"I just received my 'New Songs From the Birdroom' CD last night. I got up this morning and popped it in - you should have seen my baby perk up! Your CD sure did start him singing. He was hanging from his swing looking out the way of the CD player and singing right along with it. Thanks again from a very contented canary and his owner!" Sulinn L, PA

"Wow! Our old canary is singing new songs, learned from your CD! He listens intently until the CD ends, then starts trying out everything he's been hearing!" Lianne D, LA, CA

"The CD arrived Saturday and it's just great. Hansie loves it and has been warbling away for the past two days."Liz S

"Just a quick note to tell you what a wonderful site you've created on canaries...I've really enjoyed your clever camera shots, etc. Keep up the wonderful work." W. Edwards

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